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Dennis R. A. Chung

Dennis Chung is a chartered accountant and is the author of two books - (1) Achieving Life's Equilibrium; and (2) Charting Jamaica's Economic and Social Development. He is a regular media commentator, in Jamaica, and has done numerous presentations on economic and financial issues. He is also an avid recreational cyclist, and is a strong believer that age is determined by how you treat your body. He is married, with two children and a dog. He has used this analytical capability to look at what life's real purpose should be, and what is truly living, which we often ignore in the rush of life.

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A must read for all who treasure life, and want to maximize it before it is too late. Achieving Equilibrium Living, is a very exciting concept about maximizing the quality of our lives. The book provides invaluable information about how to achieve...
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Achieving Life's Equilibrium

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