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When Randy, who’s gay, offers his straight pal, Jake, a place to stay after his lady friend shows him the door, Randy’s sexual angst quickly rises to dangerous levels. He’s sorely tempted, but he’s not the kind of guy who&rsqu...
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Summer Storm
Grant manages to land a new job as a security guard, but stabs truth in the back when asked about his ability to handle a gun. He goes to a firing range to work on his marksmanship and it quickly becomes very clear that he needs some serious help. Th...
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On The Firing Range
After Jason announces that he is gay, he is convinced that Matt, the school’s star athlete, is out to get him. He confronts Matt and the situation goes from bad to worse. Then, he gets caught watching Matt in the school shower room and things s...
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A Simple Misunderstanding
For years, Pete Ralston’s backyard fence has provided a privacy screen to shield him from the neighbors. Then he meets Bill Carter, the new owner of the property behind him, and his thoughts concerning the benefits of barriers undergoes a major...
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Over the Back Fence
Robert Fenwick has successfully banished all thoughts of passion from his life—or so it would appear until a chance encounter with handsome, young Marc Prentice turns his world upside down. Despite the gap in their ages, they seem perfectly mat...
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Miles and his crew are snatched from the jaws of a volcano, only to fall once again into the clutches of arch-nemesis Nelson Chin. All the players in the race to unearth a long-lost Aztec treasure come together and Miles presents them with the key to...
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Miles Diamond and the Demon of Death 5
Miles and his crew arrive in Mexico City only to learn that their most promising lead has disappeared and the forces aligned against them are closing in. They flee to Acapulco, where Miles’s involvement in a bizarre parasailing incident leads h...
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Miles Diamond and the Demon of Death 4
Clay Phillips has been branded by gal pal Reba as devious, unscrupulous and unprincipled in his dealings with men—in short, he’s an opportunist. Clay is good with that definition until he meets Lenny Mitchell, a young man who has just bee...
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The Opportunist
When part three opens, Miles and his pals are making their way from Seattle to Mexico City in search of the treasure represented by the tiny Pre-Columbian figure in their possession. Their progress is hindered by unreliable transport, lack of funds a...
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Miles Diamond and the Demon of Death 3
In part one, Miles narrowly escapes death when he is pushed in front of a bus after visiting the Seattle Art Museum. Later the same day he is hit by a car while gathering information at the home of a prominent collector of pre-Columbian art. What&rsq...
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Miles Diamond and the Demon of Death 2
The man Max loved has become a hopeless alcoholic. The man Charlie trusted has left him bankrupt and homeless. When they meet, neither man is in any position to start a relationship, but there are times when the only solution is to break all the rule...
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Breaking the Rules
Miles falls afoul of a toaster and promptly loses all the proceeds from the missing twin caper. He goes to look for work and discovers nefarious doings afoot at the Seattle Art Museum. Undaunted by multiple attempts on his life and with his pals Rudy...
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Miles Diamond and the Demon of Death 1
Dave Baxter is so intent on seeing his young son off to camp that he doesn’t even notice Ken Singer, the man with the bat strapped to the duffel bag, until he starts to see stars. When he regains consciousness, he has trouble noticing anything ...
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Duet for Daddies
Will, a young man who has everything except the freedom to choose his own destiny, is resigned to following the path laid out for him since birth. When he meets Jeremy, he experiences emotional intimacy for the first time and is forced to ponder his ...
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The Oarsmen
Two young men are confined in a military academy that is more prison than school. Kendall believes he can only survive by avoiding meaningful contact with another human. Harris believes that contact means salvation. The two cross paths and are soon l...
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Alien being conjures ideal partner for lovelorn recluse. Adam has been in love with Seth for as long as he can remember. Seth returns his affection, but only as a straight buddy. After a weekend visit that culminates in a session of mutual masturb...
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The Infinite Shining Heavens
When their wives take off to Europe for a couple of weeks, Dan and Jack become holiday bachelors. While bunking in the same house, they quickly discover that there is more going on between them than a simple friendship. One night, the long simmeri...
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Holiday Bachelors
Honor student Grant Foster is resigned to following the in footsteps of his father and his older brother until his life is upended by a mysterious stranger with a dragon tattoo. Grant fights the growing attraction he feels for the man he and his f...
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The Mark of the Dragon
Construction workers Rick and Dave are unemployed and broke. While the repo man prepares to tow Dave’s rig, a guy in a flashy red sports car makes them an offer they can’t afford to refuse. All they have to do is participate in a speci...
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A Perfect Match
Pat Chandler doesn’t know first base from a pop fly. That never mattered until now, when his boss takes him off a plum assignment covering a major fashion show and banishes him to the wilds of Arizona. Instead of interviewing important desig...
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Stealing Home
Frank cancels a trip to the beach to help his buddy Randy check out the Scottish castle he has unexpectedly inherited. The castle is a wreck, Randy is a mess and Frank is furious—until he encounters the real Laird of the Manor and indulges i...
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Highland Fling
Billy Baxter is in thrall to a crooked cop until a random act of kindness leads to the possibility of a new life. Carl Davis, a corrupt cop, exploits Billy Baxter to procure drugs and provide sex on demand. When Billy intervenes to save the li...
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Breaking Away
 Mired in poverty, forced into prostitution, the victim of police brutality, Indian attacks and ruthless outlaws – Johnny Dalton’s life is a mess. When he finally meets the man of his dreams, he discovers that his nightmare has ju...
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Showdown in Durango
Is it possible for two men to overcome betrayal and tragedy to find happiness? One man is betrayed by a faithless lover. Another is devastated when his lover is lost to an act of terrorism. Can they put the past behind them and come together t...
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Retreat to Island County
When Andy drops in on his good friend Jolene to vent about the sorry state of his love life, he soon discovers that she has troubles of her own. Her current relationship just isn't working out and she wants Andy to help her let the guy down ea...
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Garcia and Me or The Valentine's Day Follies
A young man stuck in a small town is hot, horny, gay -- and frustrated as hell. He knows exactly what he wants, but he has no way to get it. Desperate to escape the oppressive heat and the eyes of his disapproving parents, he goes to cruise the mi...
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On The Midway
For straight jock Mike Vickers, a chance meeting on the beach with another young man named Eric opened up a new world of possibilities. Until then, Mike's entire existence revolved around girls, football, and the hope of winning an athleti...
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Safe Harbor
Jimmie Jack Lomax is out on his front porch, taking a world of grief from his sister, who can't quite wrap her head around his desire to be famous or his sense of style. Then his date---Sheriff Boyd Gooch---shows up in an impounded pick-up and...
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Rich and Famous
While fantasizing about a handsome rodeo rider he has seen only on TV, Trinity Blake is seduced. When his seducer denounces him to avoid exposure, Trinity heads to Austin where he soon finds work dancing in a gay club. There, he actually meets his...
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Between Hell And El Paso
When gay cop Rick Driscoll is ordered to go undercover to help bring down the Gambarelli crime syndicate, he thinks the whole set-up stinks. However, after being bullied by his boss, he agrees to do everything in his power to find a link between V...
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The Surveillance Detail
Eddie Wickham, branded as queer from the age of five, has always been an outcast. When his hopes of escape from the confines of his narrow-minded small town life are dashed by a sex scandal, Eddie is forced to watch as his life slips away, day by ...
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heart's Desire
The heroic rescue of an elderly shopkeeper brings Nick Harding face to face with handsome detective Matt Langford. What begins as a simple statement to the police quickly escalates into an all-night ordeal when Nick is rushed to the hospital for a...
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A Second Chance

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