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I am happily married to my husband whom I refer to as my Swami, my God. He is a wonderful caring and romantic man and I love him dearly. I have chosen to become his consensual slave.
For me being a consensual slave is not just about sex. It is about becoming a spiritually better person by surrendering my ego to my husband. The world's major religions teach us that we can do this by submitting to divine authority. Religion teaches us that when we let God rule our lives and obey and submit to the divine's wishes we are in fact extinguishing our ego and becoming better human beings. We can do this in several ways: 
By obeying and submitting to what we believe are God's commandments as found in holy books
By obeying and submitting to somebody who we believe speaks for God and knows how God thinks
By achieving a mindful state through the practice of meditation, so that we become intensely aware of own egocentric thoughts and actions. 
Consensual slavery is a fourth option that works for me. I trust and love my Swami and by completely surrendering my will and freedom into his hands, I am taking my ego out of the equation all together. Obviously I would not do this with just any man. I am willing to do this only with my husband, because he has earned my trust and I know he loves me deeply and cares about my well being. I am thankful that my Swami has stepped into this role for my sake. Being a consensual slave is much easier in my mind than being a responsible Master. He is acutely aware that as his slave or Daasi, I am extremely vulnerable and this puts enormous stress on him to fulfill his responsibilities as my Swami. Of course living a 24x7 master/slave lifestyle has worked wonders on our sex lives and has brought sparkle and pizzazz into our married life. I would not trade it for anything in this world. 
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