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Desmond Haas

Desmond Haas lives in upstate New York, USA, where he hides himself from his family, two dogs and four cats, and pounds on a keyboard to try and make sense of the words and images in his head. Writing, he says, is an invisible performance art.

He considers himself to be a renaissance man, stuck in time, working with various media, including photography, to express himself. While most of his books and short stories are contemporary erotic romance, he is secretly working on other genres in his underground lair.

Above this lair, he lives with his wife, two teenagers, a couple of misbehaving canines and various felines, who actually own the house. As he is a reverse snow bird from Florida, Desmond relishes the four season climate, but hates cleaning the snow off his car in the winter.

His book are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other venues.

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Current Releases
Sam Anderson is the new man at the office. An American, sent from the home office to help establish the new branch in London and Marisa can't keep her eyes and hands off the delicious foreigner. Sex between them is amazing and intense, but Sam...
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Never Let You Go

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Moving Forward
** Short Story ** When Scott sees a beautiful red-head at the local coffee shop, he’s struck by her beauty. As a few days go by, he notices her again, but puts his interest away as pure lust. One day the woman calls him over and engages ...
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Sheila's Legacy

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Sex, Love, and Happiness

A Peek Into the Life of Desmond Haas

Desmond Haas

Desmond Haas

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