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Hi, I'm Devi Ansevi, a prolific author, avid reader, closet romantic, incurable optimist, and owner of a very fertile, very naughty imagination.

In my books you will find two (or more) people enjoying vanilla sex, oral, anal, spanking, bondage, dominance, toys, delicious punishments, and other naughty but oh-so-nice things. From historical erotica to contemporary romance, from first times to forceful sex, dominance, role play, power relationships – my characters explore all sorts of fantasies.

Fair warning: chock-full of explicit sexuality. All books are HFN or HEA.

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A Note From Devi Ansevi

Reviews are helpful for other readers and for the writer. Thank you for considering reading and reviewing one of my books.

I love exploring the dynamics of power between partners, whether it's between boss and employee, younger and older, experienced and inexperienced, wealthy and not-wealthy, or dominant and submissive. I enjoy seeing how a person who should be subordinate to someone else can hold their own in the relationship, garnering mutual respect and caring.

Please note that my books contain sexually graphic content. The focus is always on the relationship, but the relationship may be sexual rather than romantic. The first page after the cover explains the type of sexual content (for example, MFM menage, anal play, spanking, MF, older man/younger woman).

All of my books are available through the Kindle Unlimited program, free to readers in whatever countries Amazon currently provides KU. 

Current Releases
My name is Lily Harper. I've been a governess for eight years. Now my employer's children are grown, and my mother needs round-the-clock nursing care. My employer has a solution, but I'm not sure I can pay the price. It seems that Lady ...
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Schooled to Obey: Lily's Training, Book 1
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If you enjoy Victorian erotica, dominance and submission, a servant and her mistress learning the joys of female touch, and a soundly spanked bottom setting off fireworks, this novella delivers the goods. Told in the first person from young servant...
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Lady in Waiting
Jenna Caylon is tired of her infuriating boss calling her a homewrecker and a heartless hussy. He couldn’t be more wrong. Her New Year’s Resolution: Force Archer to acknowledge the truth about her. An apology would be nice. She can&...
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Fate's Arrow (Soulmates Book 2)
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Tank and Gunner worked like dogs for ten years to build Bristol Hotels into a successful business. They were supposed to enjoy a relaxing holiday stay at one of their top resorts. But it seems that Fate – or possibly Santa - has come a-calling....
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Their Wish List (Soulmates Book 1)
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My name is Lily Harper. I’ve been a governess for 8 years, but now my employer’s children are grown. I thought I’d have to find a position with another family, but Lady Montgomery offered to train me as her housekeeper. Now my mo...
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Schooled to Obey: Lily's Training (Book 1)

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