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I thought I was a romance writer of historical novels set in Florida, but lately I'm not so sure. I've taken a sudden an unexpected liking to blogging and can't stop myself. I've cast aside husband, children and obligations for the virtual world. I can't help it, but I definitely don't want an intervention!
Once in a while, I turn away from the computer to eat (one of my favorite hobbies) and go swimming. I live in Miami and i love to go to the beach and work on my tan, which is an exhausting endevour because I have a tendency to turn red like steamed lobster. Still, details like that don't stop me.
I threw my 'to do' list in the garbage days ago. What's thepoint? I have no time for that! 
I do, however, like to chat with complete strangers, read comments from people I will never meet, and get feedback from someone in Bombay or from you.
A Peek Into the Life of Diana Flori

My book coming out soon

My book coming out soon

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