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In third grade, Diana wrote a short, one-page story about a bear family. When her teacher handed it back, the paper had a great big, red “A” on the top. The teacher said to her, “This is very good. You ought to be a writer.” And in the concrete-thinking way of third graders, Diana knew she’d just found the career she was to follow.

Of course, she doubts her third grade teacher envisioned the genre Diana would choose. After she complained about not finding BDSM-themed stories that focused on the relationship rather than just the sex, she was challenged by a friend to write one of her own. The rest is just fun reading.

Diana resides in the Finger Lakes area of New York State and is grateful for the support of her husband and two nearly-adult children.

Current Releases
  Wisteria Penny Lane has life exactly where she wants it. Her store is in the black, the tourist season is about to start, and she has a best friend willing to get her out of (literally) tight situations. If only she could explain that s...
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Tied to Home
  Earth Captain III is coming to town. Davison, NY, hasn’t seen this much excitement in decades. A real Hollywood movie is going to film right in their little village! Callie, Laura and Josh are caught up in the excitement, one ...
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Shooting Star
This book is loosely tied to characters from Secret Submission and Submission Revealed.   Recently back from Iraq, Lauren Carr is still trying to put her life together. Her best friend sets her up on a date with an incredibly sexy man...
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Services Rendered
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When a sudden snowstorm unexpectedly gives her the afternoon off from school, all Carolyn Brooks intends is a night at home grading papers. But when her car slides off the road, Paul Anderson—the arrogant but gorgeous head of the English depart...
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Diamond in the Snow
Naked. Alone. She sits on the floor in quiet meditation, awaiting her lover. He will tie her, dominate her, caress her skin with the stinging thongs of his flogger. She struggles to settle the anticipation that builds with each passing moment. To ...
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Love in the Afternoon

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