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DIANA SOBOLEWSKI leads a double life: Wine Agent and Author of sophisticated sexy romance novels. Diana can best be described as a marketing-oriented wine loving romantic. 

Diana is a member of Romance Writers of Americaa and Passionate Ink.

Diana, who resides in Montreal with her supportive husband and lovable dogs, has a B.A., Marketing Communications from Concordia University, was President of the Montreal Chapter of the Business/Professional Advertising Association and has worked in marketing communications on the corporate and agency side. Passionate about fine wine, it was only natural that she would combine her education, skills and work experience with her knowledge and appreciation of luxury wine. 

In 2004 Diana established Les Vins Aldi, an agency specializing in the sale and promotion of such wines in the province of Quebec. Her big break came the same year; when she turned her attention to the prestigious and rare wines of Bordeaux. In 2007 she was inducted into La Jurade de Saint Émilion and became an ambassador for the wines of Saint-Émilion in her part of the world. As an insider, Diana was afforded a front row seat to this fascinating world and the bigger than life individuals that pass through it. 

Luxury wine is therefore the underlying theme of this provocative work of contemporary fiction celebrating characters and readers over thirty. Like her characters, the author believes that great wine can take you on a hedonistic voyage outside of yourself. 

Note from the author: 
My mission is to give readers well-developed, interesting, memorable characters that lead extraordinary lives and are still believable, steamy love scenes that fit the story and intriguing story lines with a little something extra; an element of mystery, a hint of the paranormal, a touch of humor, or all three. And my couples are guaranteed to get their happily-ever-after ending in my stand-alone style novels in the Desire & Luxury Wine series. 

-- Diana

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A beautiful unemployed school teacher becomes the student when she enters into an unusual agreement with a handsome mysterious stranger in Master Class by Diana Sobolewski.



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A Note From Diana Sobolewski

I write sophisticated sexy romance novels with smart, strong, independent heroines who are not immune to the charms of my powerful wealthy heroes with heart. Fine wine always finds its way into my love stories, as I am the owner of a wine agency specializing in upscale wines. Readers will also discover glamorous travel venues and destinations and I promise steamy love scenes, a touch of humor and a happy ending.

Private Reserve, Book 1 Desire & Luxury Wine:

Wine agent Ela Zalewski is re-thinking her no-emotional-involvement policy after a romantic tryst in Rome with billionaire industrialist Torsten Lucas Furst. He's mentioned a future together and Ela starts dreaming of a happily-ever-after. She soon learns that what Torsten has in mind is not what she's hoping for. Will two strong wills and stubborn pride stand in the way of reconciliation? 

Maximum Yield, Book 2 Desire & Luxury Wine 

Author of celebrated erotic romance novels Isla Duncan knows a lot about sex, but though she gives her readers the happily-ever-after-ending they crave, she has never experienced love. Billionaire Jonas Koertig could pass for the hero in the author's latest novel, but he's far more resourceful, exceedingly more powerful and a great deal more egocentric. The idea of a committed relationship with a woman who thinks for herself makes Jonas break out in hives. So why can't he stop thinking about Isla Duncan?  

Master Class, Book 3 Desire & Luxury Wine

A beautiful unemployed school teacher enters into a contract with a handsome mysterious stranger and becomes the student for the period of one year. Will they both abide by the stipulation that love not be part of the arrangement?


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Master Class, Book 3 Desire & Luxury Wine
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Stunning, cerebral Isla Duncan is the Montreal-based author of celebrated erotic romance novels. Isla knows a lot about sex, but though she gives her readers the “they lived happily ever after” ending they crave, she herself has never exp...
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Maximum Yield, Book 2 Desire & Luxury Wine
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Private Reserve. Book 1 Desire & Luxury Wine
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