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Diane Davis White

     Diane Davis White grew up in Southern California, and now makes her home in Oklahoma, where her ‘true roots’ are.  Her interests are mainly music, writing and reading and her tastes in these areas are eclectic, though she writes mostly romance. She pens historical and contemporary romance and sometimes a bit of whimsical paranormal. 

Diane loves the prairie and writing tales set in the early west, especially involving Native American lore.  She says all of her heroes are based on her late husband, Boyd whose  Chickasaw ancestry on his father's side  inspires her to write Native American Romance set in the Old West.  

Her contemporary stories are included in several anthologies.    Diane has planned and/or written several to-be-released books and short stories.  Her goal is to give the readers pleasurable hours wiling away their time in an imagined world of fantasy and love.

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A Note From Diane Davis White

There’s a website that I visit every so often that I really like. It’s called and it’s a really reader friendly place. They review romance, mystery, thrillers, etc. About once a week they publish an author interview and there’s usually a book giveaway going on as well. Stop by when you get a chance.

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Current Releases

Available Now!
Love on a Harley
What does a woman do when she finds herself and her children stranded alone in the wilderness, on the side of a mountain with winter looming?  Jessica Maxwell finds out just how uncertain life can be when her husband leads them away from the wag...
Available Now!
Moon of the Falling Leaves

A Peek Into the Life of Diane Davis White

My husband in his youth. He inspired romance then and he does now.

My husband in his youth. He inspired romance then and he does now.

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Video for Moon of the Falling Leaves

Moon of the Falling Leaves

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