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I grew up in a small, rustic mountain community in the beautiful California Sierras. I have eight sisters and one brother. My love of romance novels started early on. I always thought it was a wonderful gift, to lose myself in someone else’s version of life and love. It was then that I knew that I would one day help transport someone else into a world of love and romance. Nearly thirty-two years, one husband, two kids and four grandbabies later, I finally sat down to my laptop and started writing. After attending college in California in the early 80’s I began a long career working in medical insurance. And now, after what seems a lifetime, I’m able to work on my goal as a romance novelist. My road to romance started in the 70’s, but my dream became a reality in the new millennium. 

Oh, and just in case you asked, yes, Diane Story is my real name.

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Pop Baby Maddy Fortin

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Pop Baby Krissy Doucet

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The Gargoyles Female

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"Dagger's Lust"

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Crystal Dreams

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Author Diane Story

Author Diane Story

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