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 Diane Pepper Smith was born and raised in Springhill, LA and now lived in a small town in South Louisiana, Jennings, known as the birthplace of oil in Louisiana. Before moving to South Louisiana, Diane and her husband lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in Beaver County, PA. She misses the seasons terribly, especially Autumn.

She lives with her husband of 39 years, Jack, and their sometimes beloved Maltese, Sadie. Sadie is as Sadie does. Diane is currently working on her next book "Doppleganger"

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A Note From Diane Pepper Smith

I was an environmenal assistant for a Fortune 500 company In Pittsburgh for 25 years before I retired in January 2010. I began my writing in 1997, but with work, I also made and sold sterling silver and Swarovski crystal jewelry at the Plantation Art shows here in South Louisiana. I also retired from that in 2010 and finished the two books that I had written back in the late 90's. Those two books have been published: UNTOLD SECRETS, A HEART CAN MEND(a sequel to Untold Secrets), along with another book that I had started and had written about two chapters on back then. The name of that book is BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.

I am currently working on my fourth book "DOPPLEGANGER" of which I'm about half way through, this is the book that I would like ot have reviewed as I feel it is the most important thing I've written so far. Which is not to say that I'm not extremely proud of my other three books.

If anyone would like to contact me directly, please feel free to do so either by the email listed in my profile or by my cell phone number 337-794-2816


Diane Pepper Smith

Current Releases
    Katelyn Stewart saw Brian Morgan for the first time when she was just ten years old and instantly fell in love with the best looking guy she had ever seen. Brian thought she was he most beautiful child he had ever seen. Years...
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A Heart Can Mend is a Sequel to Untold Secrets   Jessica Romani's husband of six years had taken their two small children to the mall to buy her birthday present because Sam was leaving early to go on a trip. On the way home, Sam ...
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 Synopsis for UNTOLD SECRETS Ronnika Shay's long-time boyfriend is missing and on on eseems to know where he is. When she enlists he assistance fo police officer Brad Jones to investigate, she never thought she would fall in love with...
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