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Diane Taylor

Diane Taylor
Diane Taylor lives in Houston and has been a published author since 2004. Before that, she wrote erotic fan fiction for a free adult story site.   Since then, she's written several books which have been published.  However, the only two for sale now are  Merlion's Pleasure and Wassail Woes.   The rest are upcomming for Re-Release.

She lives in a small little townhouse with two four legged children.. Rex and Bear, and a Room mate who has as wicked a sense of humor as she does.
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Current Releases
The Montegard Trilogy A stolen Statue,  An Unknown Evil on the Loose,  The End of the World is Near!  What could be worse?? When a priceless statue is stolen from the Ashi ancestral home, little did Tara know that it would bring he...
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Jade Kitsune
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Whoever said Lightning and High Adventure don't mix? Tara Michaels, student of Asiatic History and avid learner of Mongolian studies, is struck by lightning. What should have been a demonstration of horseback melee fighting for her classmates, turned...
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Majestic Lion
A sexy ghost, a beautiful woman, and...oh yeah, a Psycho Killer out to get her. What else can happen?   Selena Morgan is a well respected Author, a survivor of a brutal childhood, a year in a Tibetan prison camp, and she rides a Ha...
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Beltane Fire
What happens when you mix a woman bent on Maritime History and the ghost of an Irish pirate in Greece? Absolute Mayhem! Teresa Lorence is a thesis away from gaining her Doctorate in Maritime History. Through a friend of a friend, she gets to fly to G...
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MerLion's Pleasure
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Wassail Woes
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