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Diane Valterra was born in Staten Island, New York and now lives in the heartland of the US, Kansas City, MO. Diane has been writing since she was 6 years old and has been published in newspapers, historical magazines, novels, and books of poetry. The romance novel DARLA One Woman, Two Men, One Obsession, is sure to entice your reading palate, with her fresh and unique style. She has found a writing medium that is by far her most provocative endeavor. All of my books can be found on under Diane Valterra and Dee Little.

My magazine Hidden Desires Romance can be read free New issue each month with new authors and ones you love from past issues. Stories, articles, poetry, photography, travel, beauty, and much more.

Diane’s latest novel EarthKill is Sci-Fi and Romance uniquely spun into a riveting novel about the end days of Earth. A novel filled with suspense, intense drama, love, and travel between two galaxies. EarthKill is sure to be a Blockbuster Novel, written in possibly the not too far future of Earth and it’s inhabitants. Captivating characters, intriguing destinations, places in time and space that will keep you turning pages, EarthKill is sure to become a best seller. She also will launch a premier magazine Hidden Desires Romance from Valterra Magazines.


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A Note From Diane Valterra

Hidden in the night
By Diane Valterra
Holding my dreams close, feeling the joy,
Indulging my fantasies while I take flight,
Daring myself to reach for the high mountains,
Darting birds in the night sky, I whisper take me,
Elevating my hopes, and my wishes, to new plateaus,
Now is my time I whisper to the clouds,
To finish reading this poem go to
Hidden Desires Romance Magazine September issue is out.
Stories, poetry, articles, travel, pets, beauty, and much more.

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Hidden Desires Romance
EarthKill…soon to be a blockbuster hit, is a riveting novel about Earth in its final days. There are amazing and unnatural occurrences as our ancestors arrive at the final stage to rescue the chosen few from certain death. Heart-wrenching s...
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Free Hidden Desires Romance

Free Hidden Desires Romance
Love Echoes

Love Echoes
Note In A Bottle

Note In A Bottle
Darla ...One Woman, Two Men, One Obsession

Darla ...One Woman, Two Men, One Obsession

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