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Has Dana finally found the love she's been searching for only to lose everything to the Destri, the mythical nemesis of her people? Not if she has anything to say about it! Battling their way past the hordes of zombies still haunting the citie...
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Touch the Sky
This new life of Zombie Hunter and Champion of the People, everywhere, was beginning to wear a little thin. But Dana was not the sort of woman who could or would walk away when the going got tough. Of course the side benefits were nothing to compl...
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Chasing the Wind
Dana Evans, has reached that point in her life that is a time of endings and a time of renewal. It seems to her that all of her life has been like one big dance in the rain—a constant hustle to dodge the less than pleasant things life was throw...
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Rain Dance
Time is running out for the survivors of the Great War. If Halie does not find a way to sort truth from lie—Earth and Tereus, the second world that has been trapped in earth’s gravitational pull, will collide and leave mankind at the not-...
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Cry for Tomorrow
  Everyday survival for Terra and her family means a constant battle to stay out of the jaws of the great saurians roaming her world. Avoiding the alien Travelers in their flitters and the bands of rogue angels constantly at battle over t...
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