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Dimitra Ekmektsis has had immensely naughty experiences, which have largely been put into writing. She loves to play erotic games with the men who enter her life, and these games have given her ideas for her stories. These stories always include highly charged sex and/ or female dominance. Although English isn’t Dimitra’s native language, she loves to write her stories in English. A portion of the proceeds from her books benefit a 501 non-profit animal rescue called Kingdom New Destiny in Tallahassee, Florida.


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The must-have sequel to The 1% (Men Can's Cry #1) Dominatrix Lady Crescent takes a leave of absence from her place of employment in Zurich, at Maison de Sade, and journeys to Greece. But she never travels without the tools of her trad...
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Men Can’t Cry (Book 2: The Doctor Submits)
The story of ultimate male submission, enforced by a Dominant woman.  The author Dimitra Ekmektsis introduces us to Maison de Sade, as she brings the luxurious dungeon in Switzerland to life. Madame Diamond teaches Dimitra how to be a re...
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Men Can’t Cry (Book 1: The 1%)

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