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The Chamber is the first book in the Twin Worlds Trilogy by Dominic H King. Dominic is an economist who has written more than 100 reports on global economic and business issues.

He has travelled extensively through China, Europe and Latin America and speaks French, Portuguese and Spanish. Sports-mad, he supports Arsenal FC, Bath Rugby and any sport England or Great Britain are competing in. He plays rugby, football, hockey, squash and cricket, and has completed events such as the 3-peaks challenge and the Blenheim triathlon for charity.

He cites his major writing influences as Tolkein, Murakami, Pullman and Bernard Cornwell. He currently lives in London with his Mexican wife Liz.

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The Temple Elders send Kal and Daine through a portal as bait for the Reaper’s army of arrochom, back to the world where they first met.   Daine’s world.   The Reaper’s world.   A cold and h...
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The Black Gate
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The Chamber - Twin Worlds Trilogy, Vol 1

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