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Cale is a serving-boy at a high-class brothel in the city of Havisham. He isn't one of the courtesans, largely because he's too clumsy to manage seducing anyone, but he does his best as a servant, keeping the wine-glasses filled and the gu...
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The Prince
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Anthony Clark, degenerate genius and impoverished nobleman, finds himself wedded to the painfully proper Stephen Ayers. Will their marriage prove intolerable to them both, or will they find a happy equilibrium, instead? As Anthony teaches Stephen ...
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Bitter Rednesses of Love
  Jared Hamilton is the director of the famous law firm, Hamilton & Hamilton. He’s a brusque, no-nonsense type that doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Thus, it is no surprise that he finds Kyle Washburn instantly and aggravating...
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The Art of Touch

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