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Hello, constant reader! You have stumbled upon my author bio! Unfortunately I do not have any exciting tales to tell of dining with debutantes or mixers with media moguls, but I do have a cat who thinks he is a dog. Seriously. He eats dog food, plays fetch, and desperately tries to hump the nearest leg he can find. I have published two novels through Rogue Phoenix Press with the latest being, Mask, which is a slow-burn paranormal romp involving infidelity, booze, and The Black Death. If you like your ghosts and goblins on the historical side, you may give it a try. If paranormal isn't your thing you should read it anyway. It's good! I promise. Would a fiction writer ever lie to you?

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Thirty minutes later, we found the place. It was on the outskirts of downtown, which was nice because I could slant park and not have to worry about a meter. The storefront looked bright and clean, but did not fully convey the cramped space inside. O...
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Neon Junction is a contemporary short novella involving a down and out security guard, (with an imaginary cockroach as a friend), and a single mother making her living as an exotic dancer. Jamie Skinner is a security guard, not quite thirty, and alre...
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Neon Junction

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