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Welcome to Warlock's Bar and Grille, where the Witches, Warlocks, Werewolves, Valkyries, Fairies, Vampire Roofers, and Trolls of New Oslo gather to eat, drink, gamble, and gossip. In New Oslo, anything can happen.  The owners of Warlock&#...
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Warlock's All And Sundry

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The Reluctant Knight
After years of development, David Wellesley, PhD, a scientist with the Johnson Space Flight Center in Dallas, created a prototype of a revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence Brain, designed to drive the planned Mars Explorer for NASA. As he is ...
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Teddybear, Teddybear
Abel Crochet, a warlock whose beloved witch-wife had poofed, was forced by the Martian Witches and Wizards Guild delegation to give up magic due to his terrible luck of destroying the things he tried to a whole planets' ecology. Even t...
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Warlock's Bar and Grille
In a land of talking animals, pirates, knights, castles, and magic, anything is possible... Thomas Whitehead, once a simple librarian from Iowa, was magically transported to the mystical land of Carolna. Through his adventures Thomas became Sir...
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Dragon Winter
What makes a Dragon Tempest? Take one librarian named Tom from Iowa. Add one magical dragon, one beautiful princess, and one evil kidnapper named Byron Boldface. Toss them on a tempest sea of monsters and savages. Pour over ancient maps until s...
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Dragon Tempest
Have You Seen This Dragon? Arbitrance Constable had been missing for over ten years—a short time as Dragon's lives go, but long enough to cause worry to his family and friends. At first they thought he might be indulging in the male D...
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Dragon Rescue
Human Seeks Employment. Former Librarian with Dragonriding Skills Thomas Whitehead, a mild mannered librarian from Iowa becomes magically transported to the magical kingdom of Carolna. Tom soon discovers his new home has knights and castles, magic...
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Dragon Companion
Companion wanted... Sea Otter preferred. Marbleheart was a sleek, dark-furred sea otter. He'd rescued maidens, fought witches, even installed a new emperor on the Dragon Throne of Choin. But lately, Marbleheart's been bored. Bu...
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When the beautiful Aquamancer, Myrn Manstar of Flowring Island, journeys to a far off land on a rescue mission, she is kidnapped and offered up on the auctioning block at the market. Her husband, Master Pyromancer Douglas Brightglade, along wi...
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Trouble is brewing in the north. First, Flarman Flowerstalk, the renowned firemaster, suddenly disappears. Then the Stone Men, who are under the enchantment of an ancient geomancer, capture and hold his apprentice, Douglas Brightglade. And now...
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