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My books come from my heart and my loves, but two very different elements of my life brought me to write after a twenty year hiatus.   I started to write after college mainly short stories, none published, and then came some articles in outdoor magazines, I had some writing success.  A novel came next; I started the novel and put it aside for almost twenty years.  Two things happened in my life when I turned fifty; both stimulated my desire to write once more.  A trip to Hawaii and discovering an oddity in my birth certificate, the trip to Hawaii left me with a deep love of Hawaii and my birth certificate left a question who was I.  To resolve both I wrote in two very different directions, romance adventure novels of people who fell in love with Hawaii then making the move to the islands and historical fiction delving into my ancestry.

The Hawaii books are a series called On the Beach, they range from sweet and sexy to hot and erotic.  The Secrets of Mary and the Trainbabies is the first book based on my family and the latest is The Accordion, and a lot more are on the way.


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A few years ago I found my grandfathers accordion in my parent’s attic, it was old, really old, beautiful and very unique. I started researching the accordion. I contacted the Sopriani Company in Italy. This accordion was very old and rare. ...
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The Accordion
This book is On the Beach at Ala Moana, sinking into a depression after his wife’s death; Joe Woods loses every dream he had for his life. An unexpected inheritance brings him to Oahu. On a whim and out of character he invites three stripper...
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On the Beach at Ala Moana

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On The Beach at Poi PU
OTB Kaanapali follows Dan Martin, Dan has two life dreams, winning the lottery and moving to Maui. After winning the lottery, and the initial excitement wanes, he finds that his wife and his family have different plans for his winnings. He struggl...
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On The Beach at Kanaapali
My Mom grew up in German occupied Poland. Being an American citizen in the midst of the Holocaust, would seem to put her in jeopardy, for whatever reason German and Polish officials put some value to that citizenship, time and again her American c...
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Secrets of Mary and the Trainbabies
On the Beach at Waikiki is a story about Mark Massman a software developer who visits Oahu for a software conference. His marriage is on its last legs, he is on the verge of industry changing software, but the allure of the island captures his hea...
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On The Beach @ Waikiki
Absolution is a story about the vampire Jonathan Pfau. He was turned in the 1600’s, while trapping for furs and exploring the wilderness of New France. His existence in the wilderness of the New World made him a very different vampire, event...
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Absolution: On the beach at Kualoa

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my favorite hawaiian shirt

my favorite hawaiian shirt
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me suited up
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