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My first publication was at age 12, when I guest-wrote two columns for Art Buchwald.  My entire family was in the writing business, including uncle Al Capp (“Li'l Abner”) and a father and sister who wrote syndicated cartoons.  I have been a business writer and teacher for most of my career.  I have co-authored a number of business books, including “Keeping Customers for Life” and “Connecting with People” I am the former Boston correspondent for “Money” magazine.  I began writing fiction in 1994, and now am one of the Nation's oldest new published novelists.  

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An excerpt from "Sports Therapy":

The toughest case I ever had was Linus K___.  I’m a sports therapist.  People come to me to enhance their athletic performance.  Athletes have mental blocks that get in the way of winning, and I help them remove the barriers.  Most of them are top physical specimens, on the verge of success, and just need a little boost to get them over.  For instance: Baseball players hitting .280 who want to hit .300.  Tennis players who make it to the final round and lose.  Golfers who shoot just over par.
    That’s why I was surprised when Linus showed up at my office one day.   He bumped against my coffee table as he sank into the client’s chair. He didn’t look or move like an athlete.  In the first place, he appeared in his fifties, an age when you’ve either made it or retired.  And he had a slight paunch and double-chin; a marathoner he was not. At first I thought he looked quizzical  with his head cocked; then I realized that his glasses were askew.
    I asked him my standard intake questions, and got a surprising answer:  "What sport do you want to enhance your performance in?"
    "I don’t know what my sport is.  That’s why I’m here: to discover it.  You see, I’ve tried various sports all my life, and haven’t been very good at any of them.  But I feel I have a champion in me, and I’m here to find out in what sport that is."
    I wondered if he’d read my article, "The Champion within You," and was quoting from that.   I let him go on.
    "So I’d like to go through all the sports I’ve tried, and see if you can figure out where I’ve gone wrong, and what I can succeed in."
    I answered, "Well, some sports require coordination, some strength, and some merely hard work.  If you’re saying you don’t have natural athletic ability, you can always try something like running, where what you get out of it is pretty much what you put into it."
    "Look at me, doc.  I’ll be sixty soon, and I don’t have time for a lot of training.  I don’t want to start from scratch, but find an area I have an aptitude for.  Can you help me?"
    "That’s a very unusual request, but it intrigues me.  You have very clear goals, so I think I can help you."

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...a play by play account of Linus K’s quest to excel at some sport, any sport...a quest that has taken Linus to the couch of a noted sports therapist, a pro almost famous for his ’wins’ in creating winners. He coaches Linus to deta...
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Sports Therapy for the Mediocre

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