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Donan Berg, author of three skeleton mystery series novels, landed four times in the winner's circle of the 2014 9th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Writing Contest sponsored by the Southern Louisiana Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. His judge-pleasing novels included three short/long series entries and one inspirational. In December 2014 he released an updated The Bones Dance Foxtrot, Second Skeleton Series Mystery. His Third Skeleton Series Mystery, Baby Bones, published by DOTDON Books last March, is available in trade paperback format at, and other major retailers. Earlier it had been published in E-book and mp3 formats. In 2013 his two inspirational romances and a novel with strong romantic elements earned three second place finishes in the 8th Annual Dixie Kane Memorial Contest. In February 2010, a Writer's Digest judge said of his debut novel, A Body To Bones, that he writes in a clear, consistently readable prose. Both A Body To Bones and The Bones Dance Foxtrot, Second Skeleton Series Mystery, novels have earned national five-star independent review ratings.
DOTDON Books has released Abbey Burning Love in e-book formats distributed through major e-book retailers.

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To my reviewers: thank you.

Current Releases
     Entertaining Mystery, Heartwarming Romance.          "...clues eventually fit together in clever and significant ways..."      "...dramatic tensio...
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The Bones Dance Foxtrot

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Adolph's Gold

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Baby Bones
Entertaining mystery, heartwarming romance. Melissa Malone follows in her father's footsteps to continue the family legacy of supporting The Abbey, a former Western Illinois nunnery with a humiliating past. A murderous explosion rocks Melissa'...
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Abbey Burning Love
Modern day vestiges of Northern Ireland's sectarian violence interpose obstacles to Kathleen's attempt to make sense of her broken wedding engagement, divergent family values and beliefs, and honoring her parents. In her struggles she grappl...
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Bubbling Conflict and Other Stories
     Town gossip, a long-ago brief affair, missing church bake sale funds, a mysterious lakeside property, strange letters scratched onto a brick, and a skeleton found in a cistern at an abandoned factory are just some of the thin...
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A Body To Bones

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