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    In Manifesting Daddy, the author explores depression, death, rebirth and reinvention with a skillful blend of naughty humor, brutal honesty, irreverence and compassion. The story follows one woman's journey from depression and low self esteem to her triumphant realization that she is indeed capable and worthy of love.

    In Clutter, it's Good Girl versus Bad Girl in a sexy, satirical look at America's obsession with stuff, stuff and more stuff. When Katrina Reece Warren suffers a loss that would devastate any woman, her reaction to that loss- hoarding- guarantees the loss of everything else dear to her, too.  

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A Note From Donna J Butler

I am truly excited about the release of my latest novel, Clutter. It's a short read; truly a novella in length, but it's packed with tears and laughter and some of my best writing to date. Enjoy!

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Manifesting Daddy

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