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  F.B.I. man Matt Harrington is sent to Hong Kong to retrieve a prisoner, Nicholas Kehr, return him to the U.S. and keep him safe so he can testify at a very important trial. Matt is not at all happy to find out the trial won't be for...
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The Bodyguard
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Ben is a cop 24/7—at his desk before anyone else in the morning and at his desk each evening after everyone else has gone home. His only release from work is the secret visits he makes to clubs where he can find willing companionship—m...
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The Cop and The Hooker
  Christmas had been perfect for policeman Tom Hughes and his partner/lover Joey Lawrence for the six years that they had been partnered.  Both had grown up in poor homes and never had much in the way of fun Christmases so they made ...
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The Christmas Gift
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Peter Tanner was a popular guy.  Everyone loved the handsome P.I., everyone but the one man who meant the most to him – Mike Mitchelson – his former Captain at PHX PD. They never could agree on anything concerning police work so a...
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Chris Reid left his position as detective for the L.A. P. D. years ago to do undercover work for the F.B.I..  Everyone he knew thought him a renegade.  He got the job done though, resigned and was returning to L.A. to try and get h...
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