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Donna Galanti is the author of the paranormal suspense novel, A HUMAN ELEMENT (Echelon Press). She writes suspense and middle grade fiction and is a member of International Thriller Writers, The Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group, and Pennwriters. If she couldn’t write she would bike, hike, and kayak every day. She holds a B.A. in English from the State University at Albany New York and is an entrepreneur at heart with a background in marketing.

She operated a resume writing service for years until she closed up shop to write novels. Donna dreamed of being a writer at seven years old when she fell in love with the worlds of Narnia and Roald Dahl.  She lived in England at the time, attending school in a magical castle where her imagination ran wild in an itchy uniform (bowling hat and tie included). She now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and two crazy cats in an old farmhouse. It has lots of writing nooks, fireplaces and stink bugs, but she’s still wishing for a castle again.

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A Note From Donna S Galanti

We either have the urge to write or we don't. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean we will be good at it but just that it's in us. If the urge is there then we can learn the craft. But first, we need the urge. The urge is what drives us to perfect our craft. We either are storytellers or we aren't.

Is there a writer gene and is storytelling genetic?  And are there sub categories of the writer gene just like there are sub genres in writing. If there is a "dark" writer gene, well, that fits me perfectly. I like writing from the dark places. To spiral my characters into tragedy - with a dash of hope. On the page I can act out horrific events by evil people and never get arrested. My blood pumps a bit quicker. My fingers fly faster over the keyboard. My husband wants to know how I can write this stuff. Perhaps I'm simply getting my aggressions out.

Here's a scene of one dark character in A HUMAN ELEMENT:

As X-10 ran under the full moon, leaping over rocks and roots, darting around boulders he could see her in his mind. Laura. You are mine. Then he saw her with her man. Water coursed all around them. Her hair hung wet about her shoulders. X-10 closed off his mind's eye to the scene. It made him feel strange. And in that strange feeling he couldn't define, X-10 hated her even more.

Rage surged through him and his blood pulsed fast, throbbing under his white skin in blue rivers. He forced himself to run faster through the night. Why did she get to live a normal life? He would make sure her end was not normal. And she would wish she had never been born.

A lonesome dog bayed in the hills above X-10 as if approving his plan. Streaks of moonlight and shadows fell across his face like whip lashes over and over, creating a living painting from darkness and light. He would show Laura darkness like she never experienced, and pain. There would be so much pain. He howled back at the creature that rode alone through the woods like he did. Perhaps they would meet along their journeys. He hoped so. He was getting hungry again.

So...unlike the fictional X-10 here, ancient history was full of inducing real pain. People acted out their aggressions in real life. Many were the unfortunate ones acted upon. Ripped to shreds by lions. Skewered gladiator style. Tortured by medieval stretch-rack.

We're so much safer today reading and writing about tormented characters. We writers are saving the world one book at a time. If more people lose themselves in dark writing instead of dark action, we'd all be better off.  Plus there is just wicked fun to be had in writing the tormented character.

This brings me back around to the question; if the writer gene does exist then are writers pre-disposed to write what they do? Dark fiction, young adult, fantasy, science fiction, romance, memoir. What in our writer gene pre-disposes us for that? If my son writes some day from the dark places I will know why, and probably enjoy it immensely. My husband? Eh, not so much.

So, do you believe there is a writer gene? And what kind of storyteller are you?

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A Peek Into the Life of Donna S Galanti

Hiking at my fave autumn place, Mohonk

Hiking at my fave autumn place, Mohonk
Isn't this the coolest sculpture? Memorial at Polish Shrine for those who died

Isn't this the coolest sculpture? Memorial at Polish Shrine for those who died
This spooky tree gave me inspiration

This spooky tree gave me inspiration
Me, a billion years ago, as a U.S. Navy Photographer

Me, a billion years ago, as a U.S. Navy Photographer

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