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If it is possible to have a split personality without being schizophrenic, Dorien Grey qualifies. When long-time book and magazine editor Roger Margason chose the pseudonym "Dorien Grey" for his first book, it set off a chain of circumstances which has led to the comfortable division of labor and responsibility. Roger has charge of day-to-day existence, freeing Dorien—with the help of Roger’s fingers to write. It has reached the point where Roger merely sits back and reads the stories Dorien creates on the computer screen.

It’s not as though Roger has not had an uninteresting life of his own. Two years into college, he left to join the Naval Aviation Cadet program. Washing out after a year, he spent the rest of his brief military career on an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean at the height of the cold war. The journal he kept of his time in the military, in the form of letters home, honed his writing skills and provided him with a wealth of experiences to draw from in his future writing. These letters can be seen as "A World Ago" at and will be appearing in book form in 2009.

Returning to college after service, he graduated with a B.A. in English, and embarked on a series of jobs which worked him into the editing field. While working for a Los Angeles publishing house, he was instrumental in establishing a division exclusively for the publication of gay paperbacks and magazines, of which he became editor. He moved on to edit a leading L.A. based international gay men's magazine.

Tiring of earthquakes, brush fires, mudslides, and riots, he returned to the midwest, where Dorien emerged, full-blown, like Venus from the sea. They’ve been inseparable (and interchangeable) ever since.

He . . . and Dorien . . . of course, recently moved to Chicago, and now devote full time to writing. After having completed twelve books in the popular Dick Hardesty Mystery series—eleven in release, the twelfth to come later this year, and a western/romance/adventure novel, Calico—Dorien is embarking on a new mystery series with a new protagonist, which will alternate with the Dick Hardesty Series, and is awaiting the hopefully imminent release of the first book in the new Elliott Smith mystery series, His Name is John.

But for a greater insight into the "real person" behind Dorien Grey, he invites the curious to read "The Poems of Dorien Grey," available as a download from GLB Publishers.

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A Note From Dorien Grey

Let’s cut right to the chase: you’re a reader. I want more readers. Ergo, I want you. Now, the question is: what do I have to do to convince you to read one of my books? (I’m fairly convinced that once you do, the ‘potato chip principle’ will kick in, and having read one, you’ll want to read them all.)

To this end, I’ve put the first chapter of every book up on my website (, and also have a running drawing for a free, autographed copy of any one of my books.

I also firmly believe that if a potential reader feels he/she knows the writer as a person, the more likely he/she is to seek out that writer’s books. And to that end, I have three major blogs running:

"A World Ago" (, "Dorien Grey and Me" ( and "A Life in Photos" ( I’d be pleased to have you drop by and take a look.

A writer without readers is nothing, and therefore readers are the most important thing in my life, and consider that with every word I write, I’m talking directly to the reader—which is, to say again, you. My drama coach in college used to say: "Remember, you are real people doing real things for the very first time." That is exactly how I think of my books. Each book is an adventure, and I’d love to have you come along on it.

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Current Releases
All Tom Brady wanted was to be a good cop; to keep a low profile and prove to a notoriously homophobic police department undergoing its own internal upheavals that gays deserved the right to be among them. But when he and old friend Dick Hardesty go ...
Available Now!
The Good Cop (A Dick Hardesty Mystery, #5)
It's not often one has the chance to become 20 again... A World Ago chronicles, through one young man's journal and vivid letters to his parents, his life, adventures, and experiences at a magical time. It follows him from being a Nav...
Available Now!
A World Ago: A Navy Man's Letters Home (1954-1956)
Lambda-nominated author Dorien Grey (The Dick Hardesty Mysteries, The Elliott Smith Mysteries) knows more than just how to write a great murder novel. He's also had amazing life experiences in the military and around the world. Here, for the f...
Available Now!
Short Circuits: A Life in Blogs (Volume I
Elliott Smith is an ordinary guy who one day awakes in the hospital with no idea of how he got there. The only thing he knows is that someone is sitting in the chair next to his bed, watching him. But when he turns his head to see who it is, the chai...
Available Now!
His Name is John
As thousands died, the gay community rallied around itself for whatever protection it could find. Yet one of their own...was deliberately spreading the disease. Hired to find and stop him before he killed more, Dick finds himself caught up ...
Available Now!
The Dream Ender
The simple job of escorting city-born twins Josh  and Sarah across the rugged terrain of old-west Colorado becomes a life-and-death struggle for cowboy Calico Ramsay and his charges to stay ahead of four men who for reasons unknown are out ...
Available Now!
Death in a research library leads Dick on a convoluted trail of fathers and sons, suicide,, a closeted writer, and a tragic love and teaches Dick yet again that a book is more than just words.
Available Now!
The Paper Mirror
When Dick and Jonathan agree to babysit Jonathan's four-year-old nephew, Joshua, while his parents are on vacation, they are totally unaware that their lives are about to change dramatically and forever. The death of a mother at the day-care fac...
Available Now!
The Popsicle Tree
A long-awaited vacation to New York finds Dick reluctantly taking on a case of murder in an off-Broadway theater company, with a detour into the shadowy world of masters and slaves. Who killed the bed-hopping former movie star leading man, and why?
Available Now!
The Role Players
Hired to find out who is blackmailing a muckracking best-selling author, Dick finds himself in a deadly maze of fundamentalist do-gooders, a chain of "rehabilitation" camps, and a string of missing men and murder.
Available Now!
The Dirt Peddler
When members of a therapy group for gay alcololics and thier non-alcoholic partners start disappearing without a trace,, Dick is hired to find what's happening to them, and why. 
Available Now!
The Bottle Ghosts
When a brave act leads to the "outing" of a gay officer in a homophobic police force, already strained relations between the police and the gay community reach the breaking point, and following a tragic murder, Dick finds himself trying to ...
Available Now!
The Good Cop
Hired for a routine assignment, Dick finds himself suddenly plunged into a shadow world of handsome and high priced male escorts, their wealthy clients, family secrets, warped relationships, and murder.
Available Now!
The Hired Man
Someone is "taking out the garbage" of the gay community, targeting those whose insensitivity and gratuitous cruelty to others has called attention to themselves. When Dick is hired to find who is responsible, he accepts the job with a cert...
Available Now!
The Bar Watcher
When flamboyand Kyle Rohlfing hires p.i. Dick Hardesty to find out who killed his lover, Dick stumbles on a string of seemingly unrelated murders having only the unusual cause of death as a common thread. The homophobic police force has no special in...
Available Now!
The Ninth Man
Stuck in a job he hates, his personal life in shambles, Dick Hardesty is assigned to help elect his city's rabidly homophobic police chief to the office of Governor. He soon finds the Chief's closet is full of skeletons, including the supposedly acci...
Available Now!
The Butcher's Son

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