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Dorothy started telling stories almost before she could write. Her love of romance started at 16, when she held her first Regency novel in her hand. By the time she graduated high school, she had developed a deep and abiding love for tales that deliver on the promise 'and they lived happily ever after'. Around the same time, she discovered a deep and abiding love for history, an interest spurred on by her father's obsession with the Civil War. As a result, when she finally decided to write a novel of her own, she started with Regencies, the first romances she ever fell in love with. But she didn't stop there. Though she started with historical romance, she branched out, becoming somewhat of a dilettante as she explored other story lands. While she enjoys living inside so many worlds, on occasion it gets confusing!

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The greatest treasure is love. Yet Victoria Barrett, illegitimate daughter of a notorious pirate, believes love is little more than a means to ultimate abandonment. Moreover, her ignoble birth all but guarantees a life of solitude. Then an une...
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The Black Dandy
True love does not exist. At the least, not as far as the Earl of Hetherton is concerned. Still entangled in the loose ends of a ruinous affair that shocked the ton, Julian has given up any idea of love or marriage. But a chance meeting with a...
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An Unintended Seduction
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Sean Gordon is head of the Selkies.  Powerful, ancient, and invulnerable, he's controlled the clans at the cost of his own family. Years ago, an echo of loneliness called him ashore, almost binding him to a life on land. He escaped to the...
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Storm Called (Ocean Magic)

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