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In 2007, Nautical Publishing Company published Doug Seaver’s nonfiction book, Four Across the Atlantic. In March of 2008 George S. Nammack gave the book a full page laudatory review in Boating World, and the 2008-09 issue of Circumnavigator named the book one of the Best Guides for crossing the Atlantic.

In 2010 Doug’s short story, “The Auction”, won second place in the annual Writers’ Journal short fiction contest and was published in the magazine’s December issue.

He completed the two-year, online, Stanford Certificate Program in Creative Writing in 2013.

The Fourth Rule, his international suspense novel, was published in December of 2014 by Oak Tree Press.

Doug lives in Essex, CT, with my wife, Cheryl Seaver, the painter.

A Note From Douglass Seaver

What’s In a Title?

I'm fascinated by book titles, and the stories behind how authors come up with them. Some titles appear to be ironic—The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Some are poetically descriptive—The Winter Journal, Paul Auster. Some explanatory—The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair, Joel Dicker. Some obscurely thematic—The Fourth Rule.

While doing research about secrets in preparation for writing The Fourth Rule, I stumbled across a quote that led me to think of the title. I was scanning through the index to Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations and reading entries that related to secrets, when I found the quote “Tell No Secrets”, attributed to King Charles I as the fourth of his twelve personal rules to live by. Tell no secrets is exactly the challenge my hero faces when the CIA pressures him to reveal what happened to his older brother after he returned from Vietnam and disappeared twenty-two years ago.

While “tell no secrets” would have been a good title, it didn’t quite convey the mystery I wanted for my suspense novel. In the next beat, though, when I recognized the phrase “the fourth rule” was as relevant, simple and strong, but its meaning wasn’t as immediately explicit, I had my title.

Douglass Seaver

Current Releases
THE FOG OF WAR HIDES MANY SECRETS, BUT RARELY A GOOD ONE. The Fourth Rule tells the story of one secret born when a Green Beret returns from Vietnam and disappears. Two decades later, the CIA approaches the soldier’s younger brother, Matthew Gr...
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The Fourth Rule

A Peek Into the Life of Douglass Seaver

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Building My Future Fan Base
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With Our Grandson
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In Oxford England

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