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Dr Garry Bonsall, author and dental surgeon, Basel, Switzerland

"The 4 secrets your dentist never told you"

Out of frustration at being able to reach only a dozen or so patients a day in my dental clinic, I wrote this book.

My  father was told by 3 dentists that he must have all his teeth taken out. He was only 50 years old...

This is our story... and how I developed my  "4 Secrets" which can help YOU as much - as I did my own father.

You don't even need to visit your dentist -  you start to benefit from the first day









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 As an english  dentist and book author in Basel, Switzerland, I am thrilled to get these professional critics' reviews for my first book:

“…brilliant ...well written, informative" - Jack Magnus

"...caused a revolution in our household" - Sarah Stuart 

"Easy to read…clear and uncluttered, a valuable and attractive,  must read.."  - Lisa McCombs

"promoting best practice in dental health" - Hilary Hawkes 



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The 4 Secrets Your Dentist Never Told You

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A Peek Into the Life of Dr Garry Bonsall

Dentist in Switzerland

Dentist in Switzerland
Dental office

Dental office
Basel's English Dentist Dr Garry Bonsall

Basel's English Dentist Dr Garry Bonsall

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"The 4 Secrets Your Dentist Never Told You" 

Dr Garry Bonsall - "my father's story"

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