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I'm Dria Andersen. When I'm not working on my photography or spending time with my loving family, I LOVE reading romance novels. This love of reading along with my passion for mythology brought me to the idea of writing a series that includes both of these things. I've been working on The Destiny series for a little over five years and released my first novel: A Destiny Revealed in May '13. I recently released, A Destiny Awakened. A prequal to my first book. 
Thank you for your interest in my bio and hopefully my books. I want to thank everyone who left a review on my current book, I'm using all the feedback to better the next book I published and have made some updates to my current book based on some of your feedback. I look forward to the process of completing the series and making a world you're destined to fall in love with.

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Zahra spent a good portion of her life fighting to fit into her father’s world. Always toeing the line, his rules dictated her every move. Lessons and legends her mother and grandmother taught her were pushed aside for more practical pursuits t...
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A Destiny Awakened
Dalia went out one night looking for trouble, when she woke up the next day chained to a wall, she realized she had found more than she bargained for. That night changed her, haunted her and she spent years hunting down the man responsible. Plans cha...
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A Destiny Revealed

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