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Dwaun S. Cox is a dynamic, compelling motivational speaker, author and coach, who is fulfilling his life-time goal of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering others to search for and discover their genius. He is the editor of the Captain Motivation blog, the author of Stay Motivated, Treasure’s Tears, Greatness of a Woman, the Determined Millionaire Conference and Championism 101. 


“Once you recognize the power you possess, and the gifts and talents that have been bestowed upon you, you will be well on your way to becoming who you were created to be and living a life full of rewards and purpose.” - Dwaun S. Cox

Current Releases
"A small drop of ink makes thousands perhaps millions think" - Lord Byron Stay Motivated was written for the purpose of inspiring the human spirit to realize it's predestined greatness. To provide the spark of inspiration that igni...
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Stay Motivated
Dwaun S.Cox is a dynamic, compelling motivational speaker, who is fulfilling his life-time goal of inspiring, encouraging and  empowering others to search for and discover their genius. He is the author of the Determined Mil...
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Blackjack for the Genius
Treasure’s Tears is a riveting account of one family’s show of courage and resilience after being blindsided by tragedy and hardship.  Treasure, an innocent child, endures a horrific assault at the hands of a family friend.  She...
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Treasure's Tears

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