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I’m a daydreamer with a love of reading and writing. I enljoy taking walks in the park to flesh out characters and listen to music to make sexy scenes come alive.
I’m also fond of cooking and enjoy watching cooking shows. My favorite guilty pleasure is hot chocolate and shortbread cookies.

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Valentine Voss wasn’t looking for love, but it slams into him hard and fast during a time of conflict that is tearing his people apart. Voss can claim Colby and expose him to even more danger than he’s in already or enjoy him as a lover. ...
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The Alpha's Mate
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Kinsey is free of the chains of the Dead Zone, but the war isn’t over. An old enemy rises to make one last play, and there is only one way to defeat him. Atienne knows Kinsey’s battered heart still needs to be treated tenderly. However...
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Dangerous Games
Kinsey Lane is an agent for a covert agency of the National True Psy Council and his cover has been blown, so the Separatists agree to protect him in exchange for his help in bringing down an enemy facility.  Protecting Kinsey should be an ea...
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Danger and Seduction
Dade is aware that a gay man can’t be sheriff. So, torn between the life he wants and the life he must lead, Dade claims Rhys, only one of his mates. He accepts that their relationship can only survive if it’s kept in the closet.   ...
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The Price of Passions
Travis is a closeted bisexual man in love with Keyos, the sexy man of his dreams. However, his heart is stolen by a gorgeous waitress named Daisy. And Travis is certain Keyos has no idea they’re seeing each other. Keyos knows Travis is attra...
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Passions Prevail
Detective Colvin Rush is hungry for love, and one day, the job takes him to Caeden Croft’s door in search of a killer. Caeden is instantly drawn to Rush and makes a bold move that sparks a hot affair between them from which love is born in t...
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Vanilla Cream
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Koji Snow is certain a black man could never be his perfect match, but a dating service says otherwise. Their first meeting brings back memories of a past life filled with a powerful love and a dangerous obsession that costs him his life. Confused Ko...
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Delicious Surprise
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Calvin was strongly against dating white men until one look across a crowded room into Avery’s eyes leaves him beguiled. Avery is certain Cal is straight until Cal turns out to be one of his dating service matches. Suddenly Avery is certain ...
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Vanilla Beguiled
As a cop, Kiernan Langdon knows the price a gay man can pay in True Psy society, so he’s lived his life carefully to avoid the True Psy Council’s wrath, but fate leads him to Doctor Cassiel Mandarin’s office and he’s instan...
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Courting A Cop
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Thomas Oaklyn considered his two year old relationship with his lover and best-friend Tide Greenly exactly where it should be, in the closet. Coming out could cost him everything but when Greenly breaks up with him Thomas realizes Greenly is all h...
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Can't Let Go
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One glance across the crowded bar hooked Tyler on the smooth, sexy Elemental Air witch Mallory Creed, but one taste of  Mallory ignited a voracious hunger in Tyler that transformed him from ordinary Earth witch into an Elemental vampire inten...
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The Earth Schorl's Kiss
    Nine years ago, his parents deaths turned Tanner into a single parent bringing his social life to halt and leaving him pining for a man he couldn’t have. During that time, he became a lonely, yet successful man. One loo...
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A Taste Of Chocolate
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  Dillan has known Sagan was his mate for eleven years, but a battered heart prevented him from taking a chance on love. Even after Dillan’s old friend and mentor begs him to handfast with Sagan and take over his mentor’s place as head of the ...
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Fall Into Me
  A shared past destined them to meet again, but after watching his father kill his mother, Dr. Riley Langton determines to never give his heart to anyone. However, the whispers of a long forgotten past fraught with secrets, deceptions, and a ...
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Need You Now
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, light bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA] Devon Oaklyn is tired of the empty life he's been living and returns to his home city, resolved to settle down with the...
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Their Last Worthless Evening

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