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E.B. Black lives in Southern California with her family and two rottweilers. She spends her time daydreaming about new fantasy worlds for her characters to fall in love in and what it would be like to dress up as a necromancer for Halloween.

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Current Releases
** The Fate of Eros Series: Book 0 * Exploring the Dark Side of Love ** Being the only human woman in existence makes Pandora a celebrity. Unfortunately, her fans are a race of males whose lusts endanger her life. She imprisons herself i...
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Pandora's Mistake (Fate of Eros #0)
** The Fate of Eros Series: Book 1 * Exploring the Dark Side of Love ** When Medusa was beautiful, finding a man to love her was easy. Poseidon fought for glances from her heavy-lidded eyes against hundreds of suitors who proposed whenever sh...
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Medusa's Desire (The Fate of Eros #1)

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