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E.D. Walker is a SoCal native who came of age with her nose stuck in a book and a cat kneading his claws in her lap. These days her nose is glued to her laptop as she pounds out her latest manuscript, and the cat, well, he just has to lie in wait until she goes to bed so he can knead his claws in her shoulder at 3am. And drool.

At present, E.D. is toiling away at to earn her long overdue B.A. in English Literature from UC Berkeley.

She has two fantasy novels under her belt. The Beauty's Beast was just released from Noble Romance Publishing. And the other, Heir to the Underworld, is a YA novel, soon to be published by Sapphire Blue Publishing.

And we just won’t talk about the 6 or so misc. novels she churned out in her earlier years while she “learned her craft,” as they say.

She loves to hear from readers so visit her website and let her know what you think!
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Current Releases
Frederica always thought of herself as a normal teenager, even a bit boring. Then a hottie dressed as a reject from Gladiator, almost ran her down on the sidewalk. With his horse. The weird keeps coming from there: zombie dogs running around the subu...
Available Now!
Heir to the Underworld
Lady Kathryn's father has sent her to court to find a husband, but being penniless and disinterested doesn't bode well for her success. Bored by the petty intrigues of court, she finds her loneliness is eased when the king charges her with the care o...
Available Now!
The Beauty's Beast

A Peek Into the Life of E.D. Walker

Just your standard author photo...

Just your standard author photo...
My family's two cats, Captain Carrot (orange) and Orlando de Puff (tuxedo)

My family's two cats, Captain Carrot (orange) and Orlando de Puff (tuxedo)
Where the magic happens. ;) My desk.

Where the magic happens. ;) My desk.

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