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Eamonn J Harrigan

My name is Eamonn Harrigan and I live in Ireland. I'm 47 and for years made my living in management and accounts but always wrote short stories and even some poetry for fun. A few years ago I began to take this more seriously and went back to college to do a Masters in Screenwriting. Since then I work for myself as a management consultant but spend as little time as I can doing this and as much as I can trying to make paper refuse ink. Thankfully it doesn't very often. So, I've had a focus on screenwriting and have thus far written two feature length screenplays - Ozzy (an animation about a prepubescent ostrich trying to grow up against the background of bushfires on the Savannah) and Juice (A thriller about a  woman struggling to reach the top of a major league baseball club with a culture of performance enhancing drugs). I've also written several short films. I had an idea to write a script about the afterlife but this proved much more amenable to the novel format and the resultant novel "Where The Dead Go" was published recently by  Solstice Publishing. I still harbour a notion that I will turn this into script format and am building myself up to this.


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