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Eddie Georgonicas

Eddie Georgonicas was born in the city of Adelaide, South Australia.


With keen interests in the Paranormal, After-life, Spiritual, Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction genres, he hopes to entertain audiences for years to come. 

His trilogy of books is titled "ANARCHY OF ANGELS". 

He wishes you a safe journey as  you join two young friends as they venture deep into the land of Hades to take on Lucifer.

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Current Releases
The devil had his spy’s in Heaven and on Earth. Word had got back to him long ago. Sebastian, his trusted General, was captive in a heaven that would not stop. One way or another, God’s kingdom would find a way to convert one of Lucifer&r...
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The Angelic Intent
The Dark One is on the rampage, a demonic beast is on the prowl. He stalks two boys across two continents unintentionally playing a game of “cat and mouse". But of utmost significance is his need to move around the Earth incognito. And wha...
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A Heavenly Interception
Tony’s life has had its challenges and Johnny has always been there for him. Two young men, inseparable and as close as any two best friends could be. The Angels have been observing them for a long time. There is a plan in the making...
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Spiritual Dreams of a Heavenly War

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