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Edlyn Reynolds

While she was born in the seventies Edlyn is ever grateful to have missed the fashion trends of that particular decade. But in the eighties she was definitely rocking the big hair and Madonna-esque looks. Thankfully, she says, the nineties and early two thousands let her find not only a more reasonable look but also a love of writing.

While she always loved English in school and had a passion for great literary works that others bemoaned having to read, writing was not her thing. Not for a good long while. As a mother of two she didn’t have a lot of time to read until her kids finally got old enough. Yet again her tastes changed, this time in what she was reading.

She discovered a love of romance, paranormal and otherwise. With time on her hands at her night job she took a chance and started to dabble, her word, at her very first story. It wasn’t very long but it gave her the jolt she needed to write her very first novel.

Finding a home with JK Publishing she’s getting her work out there to readers. In her very first series, Gods of Old, she explores the mythical beings of Olympus and just what they might be like in this day and age. Join her on her journey through this exciting new world and stay for the refreshments at the end. There will be cake.

Current Releases
Hades is the God of the Underworld, he’s seen more souls come through his doors that were “innocent of all crimes” than any court on Earth ever could. He’s dark, brooding, temperamental and doesn’t care who k...
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In book one of the Gods of Old: A trip of a lifetime, and a journey to save herself led Ava to Greece. While looking through the ancient ruins, she realized a truth so few grasp—sometimes History isn't always right and Myths are far more...
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