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After earning a degree in English, Eileen Ann tossed out her mittens and migrated from New Jersey to Florida where she quickly got sand in her shoes and never looked back. After climbing the corporate ladder to Vice President and then running her own software consulting business, she decided life was too short to live in airports and hotels and so “retired” - until the writing bug bit.
She lives with her husband and, occasionally, her son and daughter who are away at school—or so they say. Eileen Ann would love to spend every minute of every day holed up in front of her computer, writing about sexy heroes, sassy heroines and scintillating plots, but somehow those pesky chores of everyday living (eating, sleeping, dental hygiene) seem to get in the way.
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Current Releases
  When Mia goes home with a handsome, mysterious stranger after her best friend’s wedding, she’s expecting a one-night stand, nothing more. But Nick’s heated caresses and seductive smile manage to wend their way into her...
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Nick at Night
  Erotic dreams... An inherited diamond necklace... A mysterious dream lover comes to life... Natalie Phillips fairy tale has come true.  But beware, Natalie... Fairy tales always have a catch.  ...
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A Girl's Best Friend
The dashing stranger Lauren O’Toole meets on a decadent Halloween riverboat cruise has her tingling from head to toe with his skilled love-making. Not only is he an accomplished actor who unerringly carries off his role as a riverboat gambler, ...
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Gamble of A Lifetime
Stranded by a New Years Eve snowstorm, Jenna Hawthorne seeks refuge in the old Rutledge place. Long rumored to be haunted, it now has new occupants: two of the sexiest brothers she’s ever met, and they are more than willing to take her in and w...
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Ghost of A Chance
When Lady Claudine Asherton is kidnapped and sold into slavery in the East, she willingly trades the prison of her dead husband’s manor for the gilt cage of a treasured pet. Carefree François Minaret, the youngest of the Le Monte brothe...
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Late for a meeting, high-powered attorney, Logan Jeffries, zooms from the corporate parking garage and runs into Alexandra O’Malley – literally. Convinced she will sue him (After all, women are only after his money.), the jaded executive ...
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The Accidental Lover
o! Not after all this time! Arrianna, Princess of Bethany, had almost forgotten the touch of his lips, the caress of his hand, the ache of unspeakable ecstasy. André de le Monte, The Black Wolf. Five years before, he had stolen her heart and ...
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