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Elaine Busby is an accomplished television professional with more than thirty years experience from hosting PM Magazine to creating her own NW Emmy nominated shows. Her first novel, "Burning Questions" was the winner of the 2005 Timeless Love contest.

Her second romance, "On the Rocks" was reviewed by the Editor of Gorge Magazine, who stated, "Elaine Busby's latest romance novel smolders is just such a way to make you keep turning the pages - faster and faster. The tension between Calvin and Jade, interwoven with several interesting subplots - all set amid the cutthroat music business - makes for a downright good read. Busby has solidified her place as a romance novelist."




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Panic attacks start to plague Jade, just as this musician’s career begins escalating. An L.A. restaurant owner, Calvin Collins, helps her recover, then wines and dines his way into her heart. However, Jade’s agent warns her that Calvin ha...
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On the Rocks
As TV reporter Kelly Moran negotiates Portland OR s streets to get to a press conference covering the arson fire at Hart Candy, a couple of assumptions form in her mind. First, the owner of a candy company must surely be a portly man well into his go...
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Burning Questions

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