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A new paranormal, urban fantasy, vampire short novel   Anton has loved Cynthia for close to a hundred and thirty years. He’s a made-vampire, a monster not good enough for her. He’s flitted in and out of her very long life...
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Memory Lapse
A casual wish by a frustratingly horny wife results in a most unexpected bit of magic… Susanna walks into her kitchen to see two copies of her husband of eight years, William. When they both seduce her, she’s helpless to resist. W...
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Magic Eights
Professor Sheila Connelly remembers Professor Sam Sumners. His dark eyes, his talented tongue, the way he always makes it clear he wants her. She should remember him—he’s still her husband, after all. When she “liberates” a...
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Mask of Ice
Ronnie Carmichael would never be compared to Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or the frickin' Little Mermaid. She was forty, with a ten year old kid, an annoying ex-husband, a fledging business and a night job as a bartender. She knew there was no such th...
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New York Fairytale
Helena Gracechurch is far too occupied by thoroughly unfeminine concerns to fall in love. She’s got a business to run, a brother to protect, and a sinister cousin to avoid marrying. But her lusty thoughts about the man she’s just hired to...
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Wanton Venture
The standalone sequel to Seeds of Garnet and Sea of Pearls. Galita is full of discontent. The orgy rooms on the Tessnet don’t satisfy her anymore, and the windswept plains of her new part-time home, Lithos, call to her. Mardon, a huge, red, ...
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Veins of Turquoise
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Standalone sequel to Seeds of Garnet. After a company shakeup, cast-iron bitch Ivani Gorl finds herself powerless and on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Time for rest and relaxation. Saving Lake Silith on planet Lithos presents a beautiful challe...
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Sea of Pearls
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