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I am a former elementary school teacher. Now, I am devoting all of time to writing. 
I’ve been married a very long time to Prince Charming. No, Cinderella or Snow White didn’t get him. I did. Geoffrey supports my writing. Wicked step-mothers? We won’t go there. 
I have three daughters: Valencia, Alicia, and Francesca. They help edit my writing and encourage me to continue. I have three granddaughters: Alyssa Nicol and Sophia Noelle, and Amelia Rose.
My hobbies are kayaking, white water rafting, tubing rivers, and hiking. I have performed these activities all over — Alaska, Mexico, Belize, and Maine. My favorite river is the Current River in Missouri. 
I sing with the Bartlett United Methodist Church Choir. I am a member of the Memphis Scottish Society and the Rhodes MasterSingers Chorale.
This past summer we hiked to the base of Bryce Canyon and back up.
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