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Elaine Raco Chase is the award-winning author of sixteen paperback novels with over 3 million books in print. She is published in 25 countries and 15 languages.

As a romance writer, Chase has won two sales awards for top romance novels of the year, Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for romantic suspense, and the Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Award for writing excellence. Her non-fiction debut Amateur Detectives - A Writer's Guide was nominated for the prestigious Agatha Christie Award.

Elaine was past President of Sisters in Crime International, a charter member of Romance Writers of America and a registered lecturer for Poets and Writers.

She currently teaches a variety of writing courses.

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A Note From Elaine Raco Chase

Meet Elaine Raco Chase


I love reading.  And that’s how I became a writer.  It started in high school with a serial for the newspaper, then I moved on to writing radio/TV programs and advertising copy.  I was sure short stories would be perfect for me, because I could create the most vivid scenes in under 60 seconds! 

But – I found I needed more time to write compelling characters and their stories – be it romances or mystery/thriller and suspense novels.  Whatever genre I write, my stories are funny, sarcastic, and loaded with fast-paced, bantering dialogue.  My books feature confident, strong women – who have a wicked sense of humor and aren’t really looking for a man – until the perfect one appears.

I have published eighteen novels and non-fiction as well  – all of the novels hitting assorted bestsellers lists – and have over 4 million books in print, in the US and 27 other countries and 17 languages.  It’s been fun!

Now, I’ve entered the world of eBooks and am delighted to be acquiring new readers and renewing connections with previous fans.  All my books have been updated, but as one reader wrote – “wow, they are just as fresh today as when they were first written.”  That’s quite a compliment. 

I’ve always believed in love at first sight.  Well…maybe not quite love but instant attraction.  Why?  Because my dad told me he fell in love with my mother while she was chasing her dog down the street!  I told him that was impossible, he hadn’t even talked to her.  He just grinned and said, “sometimes you just know.”  They were married for 57 years…and their lives were full of love and laughter.  My husband claims he was ‘intrigued at first sight…maybe with a bit of lust thrown in.”  Well we’ve been laughing and loving for the last 42 years!

I also teach creative writing at colleges as well as online classes.  I have some very talented students that I know you’ll be reading quite soon.

Right now, I’d like to introduce you to some sexy, funny excerpts that are even more fun when read together – because love and laughter make perfect bedfellows!



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