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Eldritch Thorn is a Wiccan author of erotica with a background in paranormal research.

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Max Rhine and his wife Ember Dusk are paranormal investigators. They maintain a website that is devoted, in part, to the debunking of fraudulent psychics. Their latest investigation shapes up to be exactly what they expected-just another fake psyc...
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"Ectoplasm and Orbs"
A hardcore erotic novel. A human prince accidently peers through the Veil into Faerie and discovers a faerie princess. Becoming obsessed with finding her again, he journeys into Faerie in search of her. Soon, they are thrust into a deadly race aga...
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Lovers' Veil
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There are supernatural things out there that most people have never dealt with. Those people are lucky. For those who aren’t lucky enough to be able to go through life without encountering some type of paranormal threat, this book may well b...
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Protect Yourself: A Handbook for the Recognition of the Supernatural for Defensive Purposes

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