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Well, I see things happen and I ask myself "How can people allow this to happen?" "Somebody should say something." "Somebody should write about it." One day I realized that somebody had to be me. So, I started writing in books and in blogs.

15 years ago, in Mexico, after some drug high profile cases, some people said: "Mexico is going to become another Colombia," "The Colombianization of Mexico is coming."

Most didn't believe it. "It is a different culture," "It's a different economic situation," "It is too far away," "Executions, bombs, kidnappings, extortion, just don't happen in Mexico."

You all know what happened. 47,000 people killed in drug related violence in the last 5 years.

The same pattern is seen today in the United States. "What is happening in Mexico won't happen here," "It's a different culture," "Different economic conditions," etc.

The fact is that drug violence is independent of all that. The problems Mexico has can already be seen in cities close to the border.

Gang violence, domestic violence, and drug overdose deaths are considered different issues, when they really are the other side of the same coin. 
A Note From Elias Rodriguez

The objective of the book is to create awareness and deal with drug trafficking and violence in a way that can be read and discussed in a family environment.

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The Smell of Duty - Chronicles of a Neglected War Two countries and two species together in the fight against heartless drug traffickers and their unknown accomplices. A story inspired in separate real events, and put together with ficti...
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