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Elixa spent the past couple years ghostwriting for various erotica companies. In late 2010, she decided it was time to start writing the type of stories she prefers to read and write about. Supernatural romance and erotica.

In Elixa's stories you will find cocky vampires, sexy djinn, powerful shifters and everything and anything else that goes "bump in the night."

Current Releases
Even Shapeshifters have to make a living and that's exactly what Selene has been doing, as a high end escort. Things become complicated for Selene when she falls for Anthony one of her clients. She does what anyone else would be tempted to do ...
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Escort With 1000 Faces; A Shapeshifter Erotic Romance
She is the first of their kind, the first vampire to have ever walked the earth. Vampire Queen Louisa has ruled over the vampires for centuries, but her disgust with the world as it was in the 1800's caused her to take up a secluded life with ...
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Visions of the Vampire Queen
Welcome to Flash Studios. At Flash Studios we specialize in erotic photos, for all occasions. So let go of your inhibitions and book an appointment for an erotically charged photo session you will not soon forget.     &nbs...
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Erotic Flash
For generations, the women in Gina's family have been vampire hunters, sworn to exterminate all vampires, no exceptions. Until Lance. He is cocky and infuriating, but charismatic and quite possibly the sexiest man Gina has even met.  ...
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Tag, the Vampire's Game
Vampire Whispers Erotic Novella and Short Story Collection, Vol. 1   by Elixa Everett             With the Whispers series you will experience strong, determined h...
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Vampire Whispers; Novella and Novelette Collection
It's the hottest new club in town with the strictest admittance policy in New York City. Rumour has it that the owners are vampires and the club is crawling with hot, sensual vampires just dying to "hook up" with humans. Trinity and ...
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A Night at Club Vampire

A Peek Into the Life of Elixa Everett

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