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A KILTED CHRISTMAS WISH is a sexy, contemporary novella of about 20,000 words.  Down on her luck with men, Darla Strider wonders if she’ll ever meet her own kilted hero. Considering she lives in present day New York City, the likelihood...
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A Kilted Christmas Wish
He stole her away... But she set him free... They called him The Priest. Maybe because of his billowing black robes and the steel crucifix that hung around his neck. Or perhaps it was because those who met him were compelled to pray. But Duncan Macka...
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The Highlander's Sin (Stolen Bride #6)
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After college, Gabrielle Dane makes one terrific mistake. Thinking she's sneaking into her crush's bedroom at an all-night college party, she ends up sleeping with her older brother's best friend. It’s only when the sun comes up ...
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The Rebound Pact
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The sequel toHighland Steam.   Sorcha never thought she’d be married, let alone to Reed Campbell, leader of a rival clan. But when her brother and Campbell form a truce—and she finds herself kissing Campbell in her bedcham...
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Highlander's Brawn
She belonged to another… Lady Arbella de Mowbray abhors the idea of marrying an English noble occupying Scotland. When she reaches Stirling where she is to wed, she is thrown into the midst of a full battle between the Scots and the En...
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The Highlander's Reward
Tragedy strikes in the Highlands, making Drostan the laird of the Comyn clan and in need of a wife to placate his people. His only choice is to trust in magic and travel to the sacred circle of stones…where he must passionately lay claim to...
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Highland Steam
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1764~ When Faryn is captured by the mysterious and sensual dread pirate Captain Wraith Noir, who delivers her as a slave to the flesh-hungry court of the pirate queen, she expects her future will be bleak and death imminent. Lucky for Faryn, Wrait...
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A Pirate's Bounty

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A Lady's Charade
Sixteenth-century Highland laird Camden MacLeod wakes up in the modern world. Confused with his surroundings, he haphazardly throws on his kilt and goes in search of whoever has played such a foul trick on him. What he finds instead is beyond temp...
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Take it Off Warrior
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