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El works for the Agency, fixing their toughest problems. James is a thief, and her ex lover. El is used to working through the messiest difficulties, but this might be too much for her to handle alone. Eleanor Williams and her partner Robert Steve...
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Burning Intensity
Book six in The Agency Series Chelsea and David have been working a year and a half to stop a smuggling ring. While discovering the last link, they unearth a far greater treasure—that of each other’s love. Chelsea Atchison and...
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Unearthed Treasure
Book five in the The Agency Series While camping Jennifer unwittingly stumbles upon a corrupt conspiracy. Only Saul – her best friend since childhood—can help her unravel the complex plot and keep her safe. When Jennifer Mabbo...
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Intimate Knowledge
Book four in The Agency Series After being rescued by new Agent Lucas Sloan, Abby seeks answers—and vengeance—for the unsanctioned medical testings performed upon her illegally. Abigail Turner woke up from a nightmare only to ...
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Passionate Vengeance
Book 4 in the Urban Seductions series. Angelina “Flame” Harling has burned for months to be with Blade. Part of a new elite crew made up of the magical Enforcers and the human police, Flame has to dig deeper and trust her new partn...
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Enforcer Ensnared
Book three in The Agency Series Kimber dreams of adventure—finding it when she’s asked to consult on a strange new case with Tristan—a member of The Agency. Kimberly Melmoth has always dreamed of having a grand adventure...
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Passionate Immunity
  Book two in The Agency Series Garth and Katherine try to find the mole within the Agency. They must follow the trail of two killers and use their wits and growing trust in each other to survive their mission. Katherine Hitchins...
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Courting Passion
  Book one in The Agency Series Skye Adams thought she was meeting her father for an ordinary lunch. Instead she ends up running for her life on a deadly mission with only one man whom she can trust to keep her safe-Jack Berick. ...
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Flirting With Danger
Aiden succumbs to Eva, finally unleashing his dark, wild side as they passionately fulfil one of the oldest fantasies in the book – that of Wicked teacher and seductive student. Aiden has always wanted to do naughty things with Eva. Sent...
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Wicked Teacher
Book 8 in the Urban Seductions series. Kiera Patrick has one rule and one rule only—she keeps work and play separate. She doesn’t intend to follow her playboy wizard partner’s example and let her love life make a mess of her magi...
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Strategic Surrender
Book three in the Urban Seductions series.   Sage Barrington is an Enforcer with the magical ability to blend into any situation. When she’s chosen for a new, elite crew made up of Enforcers and human police to go undercover in ...
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Enforcer Seduced
Book 2 in the Urban Seductions series. Worried that something has happened to her brother, Melia turns to Mishka for help. She knows he’s not her biggest fan, but that doesn’t dull the intense sexual chemistry that burns between th...
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Retrieving Desire
Book 1 in the Urban Seduction series. Amber Sinclair’s life is perfectly average until she crashes headlong—literally—into Zerachiel Garrett. He is hands-down the sexiest man she has ever met. What begins as a sexually charged f...
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Retrieving Love

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