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Ella Hansing is a young writer who lives with her husband in Austin, Texas. Before graduating home-school she wrote and published a novel with an upstart E-book company with a two-year contract, also submitting an essay “among the top 3% of 5,000 submissions” published by Elder & Leemaur Publishers in 2007. Since then Hansing has received a creative writing degree and eagerly anticipates more writing projects in her future. ISHTAH - THE PROSTITUTE'S DAUGHTER first began as short story written in high-school and is now Hansing’s first literary novel. Paperback copies of all her work can be found at Continue to visit her website for current projects and information. 

Current Releases
Daughter of the most illustrious prostitute in all Arrapha, young Ishtah must find a way to endure her mother’s fame. With the ceremony of the god Ashur beginning in a few short hours, will she risk the unknown in pursuit of her own happiness, ...
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Ishtah - The Prostitute's Daughter

A Peek Into the Life of Ella Hansing

Ishtah - The Prostitute's Daughter - NOW AVAILABLE @ Amazon!

Ishtah - The Prostitute's Daughter - NOW AVAILABLE @ Amazon!

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