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Practically every woman at Klingman and Landis Accounting has a crush on their office manager Gabriel. He's thoughtful, honest, and fills out a business suit like a GQ model. Of course there are strict policies against hooking up with the boss, b...
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Gabriel's Send-Off
A camping trip in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula seemed like just the thing to help Hannah clear her head, and rethink some of the choices she’s made. Until a life-altering encounter with Nate, a sexy, but enigmatic forest ranger, turns her f...
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Deep Woods
Mandi and Winnie have always been in the in-crowd. The popularity they enjoyed in high school hasn't diminished, and the two beautiful young women live a carefree life, thinking o Winnie stripped naked, tossing her clothes under a tree, and ju...
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Mandi and Winnie's Sex Club
Back in high school, Chris and Jana were considered the biggest prudes in their graduating class. But ten years have passed, and circumstances have led them to abandon the conservative moral values they once cherished. They've developed a new app...
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The Watermans Get Freaky
Tessa has no intention of attending her upcoming high school reunion. Ten years ago, she vowed never to set foot on that campus again. Woodside High School holds nothing but bad memories for her, the worst of which was losing her diary on graduation ...
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Tessa's Secret Admirer
When Woodside High School’s class of 2007 gets together for their ten-year reunion, the alumni bring a decade of residual angst and desire to the gathering. Among the attendees is Brad, a former nerd who is still haunted by his unrequited crush...
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Sharing Elena
Sex is the last thing on Ashley Tonding’s mind when she sets out on a solo backpacking trip in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula. Until she meets Seth. Strong, handsome, and incredibly seductive, he’s her savior when she’s inj...
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Virgin Forest
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