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I was one of those kids who was an early reader, learning to read before I started school which didn't go down well with teachers, but I always loved books. Books took you on adventures; they were like good friends that you were always happy to see and I would happily re-read favorites. I still do.
It doesn't take a lot to connect reading and writing because a good writer is a good reader and I had the good fortune to have a solid grounding in writing while still in high school. Did I take that path in college? Nope, because my parents wanted me to study something practical and writing is not exactly the path to riches and fame, let alone a steady income unless you are one of the very lucky few. So I studied nursing which is pretty practical in terms of getting a job just about anywhere in the world. All that reading gave me the itch to travel, have adventures, to see the world, and nursing made that possible. I have been to a lot of countries, have lived in several including the US, Israel and Australia and I still enjoy traveling although the security checks take some of the fun out of getting on a plane.
I kept on working and studying, and finally received a doctorate in Humanities, published quite bit of academic literature which is a different kind of writing and very satisfying, BUT I wanted to write fiction. I didn't have a clue how one goes about writing a novel, nor the technical skills so I decided that the only way to learn was to do it. I sat down, wrote To Catch A Cop, thought it was not too bad, discovered it had quite a few technical flaws, although the characters, dialogue and plot weren't a problem. Back to reading, this time, reading to see how it worked. When do you change Point of View, and what about those darned dangling participles—a weakness of mine. Kept on writing, made some interesting new friends, who were also writers or wannabee writers, went to a few conferences, and joined some writers' groups. I still belong to a few, notably Romance Writers of America and The Books and Writers Community, formerly the Compuserve Literary Forum, where you can find me online almost every day.
Having impeccable timing as usual, just as the publishing industry hit a real downturn and it seemed like even the big name authors were not selling, I decided to give fiction writing a serious shot and submitted To Catch A Cop and Outback Hero to Red Rose Publishers on the advice of Jane Beckenham who was my writing partner and a good friend, and Voila! I consider myself lucky to get a book published, it isn't easy and it takes fortitude, patience and a bit of luck, too. Yes, I am still writing, so if you want to know about my current and future projects, feel free to take a peek. I'm particularly pleased with The Liberty Heights series--it's Jersey like you've never seen it before!

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